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What is Anger?

Anger is an emotion that every human being feels. Usually, anger is felt when one feels that they’ve experienced an injustice or when things are not as they should be. It’s a healthy emotion to feel, particularly in situations where one may feel they’ve experienced unfairness. Anger’s purpose as an emotion is to alert you to situations where your needs haven’t been met or your worth has been compromised.

So, you may feel anger after having an opinion invalidated, or when your needs haven’t been met as they should be. It might come after an opinion you’ve shared has been invalidated or someone has neglected to give you something you expected to receive.

However, anger becomes an issue when it is expressed, or responded to in a way that is not healthy; an aggressive way that does not help get everyone’s needs met. Anger can become dangerous and unhealthy. Healthy anger can energise assertive responses that support everyone concerned and helps to meet their needs.

What is Anger Management?

As we said above, anger is a natural, and —in most cases— extremely normal, human reaction to moments of perceived unfairness or injustice. While it may not always feel like it, anger isn’t necessarily a human reflex. Your frame of mind, attitude, and thinking patterns all affect how you’ll react to a situation.

Your anger can become a problem when it’s expressed inappropriately. If your anger is hard to control and you have a short temper, or “short fuse”, it may be a problem.

Anger management seeks to help you take more control over all your emotions, particularly anger. Through anger management and counselling, we’ll teach you to understand and manage your anger in a healthy and productive way.

Signs & Symptoms you’ll benefit from Anger Management

There are a few different signs you’re having problems with your anger. The first and most obvious sign is that you’re feeling angry often. You might feel like sometimes, your anger gets out of control or you might notice your relationships are being impacted by your anger.

People in your life might express they’ve been hurt by your anger. You may feel regret or embarrassment over things you’ve said or done while you were feeling angry. And, in some cases, you might be physically or verbally abusive.

Anger issues might be outward, where you express your anger at others. They might be inward though, this is where you express anger at yourself, by denying yourself basic rights, isolating yourself, or self-harming. The third kind of anger is passive anger. This is where you subtly or indirectly express your anger by ignoring close friends and family, making snide or sarcastic remarks, or “sulking”.


Potential Causes of Anger Issues

  • Depression — Anger in those with depression may be suppressed or expressed excessively.
  • Bipolar — Anger, irritability, and rage are all common symptoms of Bipolar Disorder.
  • ADHD — ADHD can cause impulsiveness and a short temper.
  • Alcohol or Substance Abuse — Addiction to substances including alcohol may cloud your judgement and cause you to perceive situations irrationally.

How We Can Help

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) can be used to explore triggers in your anger, or the reasons you may react angrily. Through CBT, we’ll challenge your existing beliefs, attitudes, or thinking patterns that may lead to anger and teach you coping techniques.

We may use relaxation training and education. We’ll help you learn how to express your anger healthily and productively. This will also help you gain self-awareness and control over anger. Together, we’ll identify any triggers or signs you’ll see before feeling angry. Then we’ll devise techniques to mitigate the situation.

Anger management helps you learn about your anger, learn how to cope with it and control it, and how to make healthier choices in your lifestyle to feel better. Anger management helps you change aggressive reactions into assertive responses.

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