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What is Blue Flower Psychology?

Blue Flower offers support to individuals who may be experiencing challenges, whether at work, in day-to-day life, or from work-related pressures like leadership roles. Using evidence-based psychology and decades of experience applying psychological theory to real-life situations, we seek to guide and support you through situations or challenges in your life.

You may not necessarily be struggling with a mental illness as such, but still seek support and guidance to set yourself up for sustainable success. Blue Flower Psychology is a place where we can work together and support you to build better skills and strategies for a successful life journey.

Signs & Symptoms

Every individual has the capacity and ability to lead and enjoy a content and fulfilling life. This doesn’t mean we will always be completely happy though. It means we should have a sense of control over most of our own life. Sometimes though, challenges in life do become too overwhelming and we need guidance and support to get through those challenges.

There are two basics to feeling safe and happy in life: human connection or relationship, and knowing you can manage life’s challenges. However, sometimes you might need some additional help achieving this. That’s where general psychology comes in. We’re experienced in supporting individuals struggling with life, work, or societal pressures, individuals in leadership roles, and even athletes. We can work with children and teenagers all the way through to the elderly.

How We Can Help

At one point or another, we all need a helping hand to find a path forward. Blue Flower Consulting psychology supports and guides you by setting you up with the information, tools, and sometimes, just the different perspective you need to hear.

By listening and clarifying with you we can understand exactly what the challenges are. We will then work with you to discover and build your capacity to find the best path forward. Using evidence-based intervention, we can also help you work through and resolve previous challenges in your life.

Sometimes, general psychology simply supplies you with the help you need to see things differently, whether that’s with new information, a different perspective, or hearing about new choices you didn’t realise you had. We’ll work with you to help you get the most success out of your life.

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Would you like to book an appointment? Have a question or concern?
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Speak with our Team

Would you like to book an appointment? Have a question or concern?
Fill in the form or call the office to chat with us today.


Blue Flower will support you with the tools and techniques you need to better manage thoughts, feelings, and difficult situations in your day to day life. Working through past situations, we can workshop these and provide clarity.


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